What’s the ROI of SEO-driven content marketing?

Depending on the stage of your business and the exact circumstances, generally, a well-established scale-up can expect to grow its leads from organic search traffic at the rate of 60% year-over-year. With smaller companies, you could easily see a 100-300% yearly growth rate. Check out some of the case studies here.

Important to note though – these strategies don’t pay off right away – there’s a considerable lag between putting resources into it and seeing the full impact. Typically at least 6-12 months. The ROI of SEO-driven content marketing is best described by the compound effect. It keeps building up over time and the bigger it gets, the easier it is to grow even more.

Process: What you’ll get?

  1. get a realistic view of your domain’s strength + marketing resources compared to your competitors
  2. learn about the most immediate low-hanging-fruits, misdirected resources, and caps in knowledge
  3. receive a tactical strategy document that’s tailored toward achieving your goals and takes into account the available resources
  4. receive coaching for your marketing team about the implementation of best practices and clear KPI tracking put in place
  5. get additional help during the first months of the strategy implementation by monthly calls that increase accountability and help to streamline content creation processes

How is this different from other SEO/content services?

My approach is equally focused on providing the most beneficial strategic direction and also making sure that the in-house processes needed for a successful implementation get set up the right way (and right away).

Most of the SEO consultants out there will give you lots of “audit” and “to-do” documents to work with that they have generated using the most popular SEO tools. Although these do bring some value, keep in mind that:

  • fixing technical SEO problems and optimizing existing content can only go so far and usually shows only minor traffic increases (unless you have done some questionable things on your domain and the technical fixes are crucial to get the traffic coming in again).
  • if you want to double and triple the number of leads you’re getting from organic search traffic, you can’t just “optimize” your site away. You need to adopt new processes, allocate new resources, and keep consistency with content creation and other SEO best practices. And this is the part that most SEO/content marketing consultants don’t focus on enough.
  • in order to scale your organic search traffic and sustainably get more leads, you need to commit to a long-term effort (think 12-24 months) and you need someone to guide you through the uncertain early days of this type of strategy implementation.

I’ve learned that just giving the “right answers” in terms of what to focus on isn’t enough if the strategy itself doesn’t get implemented. A big part of SEO and content marketing success in 2022 is about increasing content quality and velocity and most companies struggle to implement the right processes needed for it. Part of my approach is to set up clear KPI tracking with your marketing team and do follow-up calls during the first few months of the strategy implementation to see how the KPI goals are progressing and discuss how to solve ad-hoc problems. Each company and marketing team is different and I’m helping you reallocate resources, switch priorities, and build up processes that will ensure your success.

Success with SEO and content marketing is mostly about the things your marketing team is doing each day and not a silver bullet that is handed to you.