Annika Helendi:

I’ll turn your marketing team into a LEAD GENERATION machine

SEO Consultant for B2b Saas

SEO & Content Audit

Identify missed opportunities, low-hanging fruits, misplaced resources, and the new way forward.

Lead Generation Strategy

Capture more leads with a new strategy + get an actionable plan to follow along with marketing team coaching.

Expert Advice

Get instant strategic advice and feedback on your marketing ideas by scheduling ad hoc consulting calls.


SEO Signups

100 +

B2B Startups

60 – 1200 %

Y-O-Y Growth



From several YC alums to enterprise B2B solutions to seasoned bootstrappers to early-stage startups – I’ve worked with them all. What they have in common is the desire to build a sustainable lead generation channel for English-speaking B2B markets and to do it by scaling SEO and content marketing efforts.




Strategic SEO & content marketing partner

Drive more leads to your business through the compounding effect of SEO-focused content marketing. The earlier you start, the sooner you’ll start growing. Get in touch today.