I aim to remove complexity and ambiguity when working with marketing teams. Fewer documents (audits, keyword gap analysis, etc), more good processes.
SEO Audit & Recommendations

Get a clear overview and tactical plan about what you need to improve in order to capture more high-quality traffic from Google.

Full 18-Month SEO Growth Strategy & Tactical Plan

Get a new strategy, tactical action plan + marketing team mentoring. This will take your business to the next level.

Quick Advice

Get an answer to your most acute marketing and SEO-related problems by scheduling an ad-hoc consulting call.

Get 60-200% more leads via organic search traffic

The end goal is not just to start ranking for a few specific keywords in Google and get some new leads, but instead to dominate tens of thousands of keywords and topics and bring in sustainably growing traffic that would generate millions of dollars worth of revenue over the next 12-24 months, and beyond that.

It’s not about the quick wins, but thinking long-term and aggressively working towards outranking all of your competitors. The compound effect of following a good SEO-focused content strategy and streamlining your in-house marketing processes the right way will make you the de facto leader of your industry.


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