From Zero to High-Intent Traffic:’s SEO Content Strategy for Sustainable Lead Generation


This B2B SaaS – a contract lifecycle management software – had a strong product with great early traction but virtually zero organic traffic coming from Google when we started working together. They needed help creating a solid foundation in a form of an SEO-focused content strategy that they could start implementing right away.

The biggest challenge was the fact that their domain was brand new and didn’t have much authority in the eyes of Google. This meant that we had a long road ahead of us and an uphill battle to get them ranking for valuable keywords.

Their biggest strength was the in-house team that had already started writing some quality content and had picked a “thought-leadership” strategy for it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t generating any new leads. They still had to rely on direct sales for growing the business.


  • changed the content strategy from “thought leadership” to prioritizing SEO-driven high-buying-intent content. This included blog posts and there was also a separate strategy for landing pages (free templates for contracts and other legal documents) that made sense for their target market.
  • coached in-house marketing team on the best practices of creating SEO-driven content and how to implement the strategy that was created for them.
  • set up KPI tracking and had follow-up calls with the marketing team to focus on scaling up the content volume (once the processes around content quality were in place).
  • a heavy focus of the new content strategy was on creating new content, but it also included smaller sprints for early link building and content promotion.
In March 2022 (about a year after starting to work together), they are generating traffic with an extremely high buying intent, worth $10.6k a month if generated through Google Ads. And the best thing about it is that it will only continue growing for the next 12-24 months at least.
This graph shows how long it took to go from a brand new domain generating zero organic traffic to a growing lead generation machine.

This project took a long time to show results in terms of lead generation (which is typical for SEO/content projects, especially when dealing with a brand new domain), but it set up the right foundation for this B2B SaaS company from the start. They’re now on track to sustainably grow their lead generation through organic search traffic for years to come.

I’m seeing a great future for them because they have a really strong product and an increasing number of companies are now finding out about it. Godspeed!

Annika Helendi
Annika Helendi
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