Enterprise SaaS Generates High-Value Leads & 7-Figure Revenue with Killer Content


This enterprise SaaS wanted to try out content marketing and see what type of results it would get them before deciding if they commit to it by hiring an in-house content team. They are selling big-ticket subscriptions and had relied on their sales teams and Google Ads to generate new leads.

We needed to focus on lead generation goals and we had limited time to prove the potential impact of SEO-driven content generating leads among their target group.


  • competitor analysis and keyword research determined the best bottom-of-the-funnel topics we should focus on
  • we picked a limited number of keywords and created a content strategy around them
  • we created content outlines, hired freelance writers and editors, and published them in their blog
  • we also promoted all the content pieces with Google Ads
  • all these content pieces started ranking on the first page of Google within 6-months and have generated an increasing number of inbound leads for them.
  • this content project has now generated seven-figure additional revenue for them and they decided to hire an in-house team to continue the work with a similar content marketing focus.
This is the impact of only one of the many blog posts that we published during the project. It’s targeting a very specific topic with a high commercial intent and has generated hundreds of extremely valuable leads for this business.

This project really showed how big of an impact SEO-focused content marketing can have on the enterprise market which usually is focused on more traditional lead generation and sales channels. A big part of this success was the fact that the competitors hadn’t put any meaningful effort into SEO-driven content marketing either, so it was fairly easy to get these content pieces with high commercial intent to start ranking. Since this company is selling big-ticket subscriptions, it was a project with the highest (and quickest) ROI I’ve seen so far.

Annika Helendi
Annika Helendi
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