From Drop to Rise: How a Tactical SEO Plan Revamped a FinTech Company’s Traffic


Organic search traffic had been driving their growth for the past few years, but recently all of the traffic started to drop and so did the number of new leads.

My research determined that outdated content creation principles and thousands of automatically generated low-value landing pages were to blame. Another curveball was the fact that their in-house marketing manager had left just before I started working with them, so there was no one to take ownership of the implementation of my new strategy for them.


  • conducted a thorough audit on the domain and created a tactical plan for all the needed technical SEO fixes
  • created a new content marketing strategy that was focused on improved content quality
  • provided guidelines about the new content quality requirements that were used by the existing content creation partners
  • oversaw the implementation of the strategy and provided feedback throughout several months
The arrow on this chart marks the date when we started working together on implementing the new content strategy.

This project provided a great challenge – I first had to figure out what exactly had made their organic traffic drop and then to provide them with a very clear action plan on how to reverse the drop and make their business grow again. The team was very motivated to figure this out and started implementing the new strategy right away. The fact that there was no in-house marketing manager, didn’t end up impacting us too much because other people within the company stepped up to fill that role and they also had a good group of freelance writers working with them.

Annika Helendi
Annika Helendi
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