MarTech SaaS Company Achieves $50k/Month Organic Traffic with New Content Strategy and KPIs


This MarTech company had ambitious growth goals but lacked a clear strategy on how to achieve them. The main problem was identifying which marketing processes and channels needed to be prioritized, what tactical steps to take, and how to allocate their resources in the most valuable way.


  • auditing their domain, researching competitors, and interviewing all the team members about the internal processes gave a better understanding of how to help them achieve their goals.
  • on the management level, they received new guidelines for picking just a few key metrics to focus on and how to best keep the team accountable in a transparent and efficient way.
  • they received a new content strategy with a tactical plan that was focused on increasing content velocity.
  • additionally, their social media team got a strategy revamp and guidelines about better messaging for their target group.
  • we set up KPI tracking and did follow-up calls about solving the challenges of increasing the content velocity.
The arrow shows when we started working together. The strategy implementation started right away in April 2021 and while it took some time to scale their output volume, they have managed to grow their organic search traffic to the value of close to $50k / month (cost of the same traffic when acquired through Google Ads) and it will keep growing for at least another 12-24 months.
This graph shows how the search traffic started growing over time once they adopted a more aggressive content strategy that was focused on bottom-of-the-funnel topics.

This SaaS company had a solid marketing team in place and their internal processes were very efficient, however, they were stretched thin by working on too many channels and not having a clear focus or KPIs in place. We solved that by starting to prioritize only a few marketing channels and KPIs that moved the needle the most. The biggest channel that could have a positive impact on their goals was organic search. We revamped the processes around content velocity and although it took some time to get to the desired level in terms of strategy implementation, they are now rapidly growing their incoming organic search traffic.

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